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Mindsearch Counseling Dr Yogesh D Wankhede


Mindsearch Counseling

Objective : Enriching human behavior to enhance quality performance of people in social and professional dynamism.

 About us : 

We are in the field of psychological counseling & behavioral training for more than 12 years. We mainly offer our services in four areas of counseling; career & educational counseling, industrial counseling, marital & premarital counseling and parenting. 

Mindsearch Counseling :

Career Counseling Program : Short Intro :

‘Mindsearch Counseling’, a genuine institution working in the field of behavioral assessment and psychological counseling.  Dr. Yogesh D. Wankehde is a director of the same, having more than 20 years of teaching and 14 years of counseling experience. He has done his doctoral research with special reference to educational psychology.

‘Mindsearch Counseing’ organizes a unique Psychological Assessment and Career Counseling Program for the long-term academic and professional benefit of students of classes 9 to 12 as well as students from graduation courses. This program has been designed with the objectives of career selection after classes 10 & 12 as well as exploring hidden talents, intellectual level and psycho-social characteristics of your dear ones.      

Importance of Career Counseling & Psychometric Assessment:

Career is the most vital part in one’s life. Overall satisfaction & success of life is depending on our profession. In spite of having all the abilities & qualities, a number of people all over the world are frustrated & seem doomed for failure in their professional life. There might be different situational or individual causes for the same. But psychologically we can say that failure in professional life might be the result of process of career selection. 

It is traditional trend to select career on the basis of secondary and higher secondary academic achievements. Besides, parents’ pressure, peer pressure, socio-economic prestige also plays a role in the process of career selection. Generally, we never consider what actually a student would like to do on a long term basis as career, what kind of aptitudes & professional abilities he possesses? Which field can he / she achieve a real self actualization, self esteem & job satisfaction in?

            Recently, trend of career selection has been changed. Psychologists suggest that following parameters are to be considered in career selection: aptitudes, intellectual abilities, personality characteristics, interests & career objectives of an individual.

In career counseling with the help of standardized psychological test, psychologist assesses all these things & shows us a mirror of our personality & professional abilities. On the basis of such scientific information they guide us to select suitable career, where we are supposed to give high performance & achieve good success with complete job satisfaction.

            Apart from these, psychometric assessment is also helpful in enhancing academic performance.


Career Counseling Program by Mindsearch Counseling: Detail Planning of the program :

This program comprises three phases : First phase of the program will last for 4 hours. Where students will be given following psychometric standardized tests : Aptitude Tests, I. Q. Test (Intelligence Quotient), Memory, Learning speed and concentration Test, Personality Test, Self confidence Test, Achievement Motivation Test, E.Q. Test (Emotional Quotient), Career Interest Inventory etc. All the tests can be done through online or offline mode.

In the second phase of this program computerized report will be presented and explained to the respective parents. Interpretation of the test values will be discussed with the parents. A report is a profile of the student consisting different intellectual abilities; personality traits, strengths & weaknesses; probable career opportunities, which will be helpful to students in vocational and successful career planning. The report will give them a clear insight to set proper goals and design a path to achieve it. This session will last for 20 to 30 minutes.

Third phase of the program is optional and need based. In this phase, students will be provided counseling, if required, on following issues: Educational & Study Skills, Confidence & Self-motivation development, Academic Time management, Goal Setting, Behavioral Modification, Attitude Modification etc.

We appeal you to permit and encourage your child to participate actively and sincerely in this program and let him/her grasp the benefits of this scientific methodology of career selection and intellectual exploration.


Objectives / Outcomes of the Program :

Attending this program students and parents will be known about following facts :

1. Parents will be able to know hidden talents of their dear ones.

2. Parents will be known about strongly interested areas of the students in respect of education & career.

3. They will be acquainted with intellectual level and psycho-social characteristics of the students.

4. What kind of aptitudes & professional abilities he/she possesses?

5. Which field can he / she achieve a real self-actualization, self-esteem & job satisfaction in?

6. What actually a student would like to do on a long term basis as a career?

7. What are the intellectual as well as personality based strengths and limitations of the students?

8. They will be able to know different courses & careers suit to his / her personality and abilities.

9. They will be able to draw a realistic & right educational and career path. 

10. Students will be able to decide their academic goals and get motivated to achieve them.

11. They will be known about areas where he should take more efforts and improvements are required in.


इ. 10 वी, 12 वी च्या विद्यार्थ्यांकरिता...

करिअर गायडन्स व शैक्षणिक समुपदेशन (counseling)

(8 वी ते ग्रॅज्युएशन पर्यंतच्या सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांना उपयुक्त)


इ. 10 वी, 12 वी च्या गुणांच्या सोबतच मानसशास्रीय चाचण्या जसे, ॲप्टिट्युड टेस्ट, आय.क्यु. टेस्ट, पर्सनॅलिटी टेस्ट, करिअर इंटरेस्ट टेस्ट यांचा उपयोग करुन करिअरची व पुढील शैक्षणिक दिशा निवडल्यास विद्यार्थ्यांच्या यशस्वी शैक्षणिक प्रवासासाठी अधिक उपयुक्त ठरते.

      या क्षेत्रात प्रदीर्घ अनुभव व शैक्षणिक संशोधन असलेल्या डॉ. योगेश वानखेडे यांच्या माईंडसर्च कौन्सेलिंग या संस्थेत पुढील प्रकारच्या मानसशास्त्रीय चाचण्यांचे आधारे करिअर मार्गदर्शनाची सुविधा उपलब्ध आहे :

१) I. Q. Test ( बुद्धिमत्ता मापन चाचणी )

२) Aptitude Test ( अभिक्षमता मापन चाचणी )

३) Memory Test ( स्मरणशक्ती चाचणी )

४) Personality Test ( व्यक्तिमत्व मापन चाचणी )

५) Creativity Test ( सृजनशीलता मापन चाचणी )

६) Interest Test ( अभिरुची चाचणी )

७) Motivation Test ( स्वयंप्रेरणा चाचणी )

८) Self Confidence Test ( आत्मविश्वास चाचणी )

९) E. Q. Test ( भावनिक बुद्ध्यांक चाचणी )


वरील चाचण्यांच्या रिपोर्ट मध्ये आपणास पुढील प्रकारची माहिती मिळते :

-          विद्यार्थ्याची नेमक्या कोणत्या क्षेत्रात अधिक यशस्वी होण्याची शक्यता आहे?

-          मुलांच्या विशेष पात्रता काय आहेत?

-          कोणकोणत्या करिअरशी निगडीत क्षमता आहेत?

-          त्यांची बौध्दिक पातळी काय आहे?

-          त्यांचा कल व आवड कोणत्या बाजुला आहे?

-          व्यक्तिमत्वाचे कोणते गुण-दोष आहेत?

-          कोणत्या बाबतीत मुले कमी पडू शकतात?

या गोष्टी योग्य वेळी समजल्यात तर उच्च गुणवत्तेच्या ध्येयापर्यंत जाण्याची दिशा ठरविणे व योग्य वयात करिअरचे नियोजन करणे अधिक सोपे होऊ शकते. विशेषत: अभ्यासात मुले कमी पडत असतील तर त्यात सुधारणा होण्यासाठी देखिल ही माहिती उपयोगी ठरते. 10 वी, 12 वी च्या टप्प्यावर तर ही माहिती अधिकच उपयुक्त असते.

अत्यंत अल्प दरात व तज्ञ मार्गदर्शकांद्वारे या सर्व सुविधा नाशिकमध्ये उपलब्ध आहेत. या उपक्रमाच्या अधिक माहितीकरिता कृपया संपर्क करावा :

माईंडसर्च कौन्सेलिंग,

व्यवसाय नव्हे... शैक्षणिक सेवाभाव !            


डॉ. योगेश वानखेडे Ph.D.

(Consulting Psychologist, Counselor & Behavioral Trainer)

मो. 9881168509


ही संस्था केवळ व्यवसाय म्हणून कार्यरत नसून विद्यार्थ्यांच्या सुप्त क्षमतांचा शोध व योग्य मार्गदर्शनाद्वारे त्यांचा सर्वांगिण विकास या हेतूने कार्यरत आहे.


स्टडी क्लिनिक

विद्यार्थ्यांच्या अभ्यासविषयक समस्यांवर मार्गदर्शन, प्रशिक्षण व कौन्सेलिंग.

अभ्यासाच्या समस्या :

-          अभ्यासात एकाग्रता प्राप्त होत नाही.

-          अभ्यास करण्याची इच्छा असते पण कंटाळा येतो.

-          केलेला अभ्यास अधिक दिवस लक्षात रहात नाही.

-          खूप वेळ अभ्यास करुनही समाधानकारक मार्क्स मिळत नाहीत.

-          पुन्हा पुन्हा वाचन करुनही लक्षात रहात नाही.

-          केलेला अभ्यास नेमका परीक्षेत आठवत नाही.

यासारख्या अभ्यासाच्या अनेक समस्या विद्यार्थ्यांना असतात. यामुळे अनेक विद्यार्थी हूशार व बौध्दिक दृष्ट्या प्रगल्भ असून देखिल समाधानकारक प्रगती दाखवू शकत नाही. अभ्यास आनंददायक न वाटता ताण-तणावात्मक वाटू लागतो. अशा विद्यार्थ्यांना योग्य वेळीच प्रभावी अभ्यास कौशल्यांचे, अभ्यासाच्या प्रभावी सवयींचे प्रशिक्षण मिळाले, तसेच त्यांच्या नेमक्या समस्या समजून घेऊन शैक्षणिक समुपदेशन प्राप्त झाले तर त्यांच्या शैक्षणिक प्रगतीत नक्कीच सुधारणा होऊ शकते.

      आपल्या विद्यार्थ्यांच्या / पाल्यांच्या अभ्यासविषयक समस्या दूर करुन शैक्षणिक गुणवत्ता वाढीसाठी त्यांना या उपक्रमात सहभागी होण्याची संधी द्यावी.

      नम्र निवेदन ही कोणत्याही कोचिंग क्लासेसची जाहिरात नाही. तर विद्यार्थ्यांना परिणामकारक अभ्यास कौशल्यांचे सायकॉलॉजिस्ट मार्फत प्रशिक्षण व समुपदेशन देणारा एक दिवसीय शैक्षणिक-मानसशास्रीय उपक्रम आहे. प्रशिक्षण शूल्क फक्त रु. 500/-

            याचप्रमाणे माईंडसर्च कौन्सेलिंग येथे आय.क्यु. टेस्ट, ॲप्टिट्युड टेस्ट, मेमरी टेस्ट, पर्सनॅलिटी टेस्ट, करिअर इंटरेस्ट टेस्ट यांचेद्वारे करिअर कौन्सेलिंगची सुविधा देखिल अत्यल्प दरात उपलब्ध आहे.

अधिक माहितीकरिता संपर्क : स्टडी क्लिनिक, माईंडसर्च कौन्सेलिंग 9881168509

Mindsearch Counseling

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Services : 

A) Career Counseling & Guidance Program

Phase – 1 : Career Oriented Psychometric Testing

  • Aptitude Test
  • I. Q. Test (Intelligence Quotient)
  • E.Q. Test (Emotional Quotient)
  • Creativity Test
  • Personality Assessment
  • Memory & Concentration Test
  • Achievement Motivation Test
  • Career Interest Inventory

Phase – 2 : Parents’ Meet & Report Presentation.

  1. Analysis of psychometric testing report.
  2. Parents’ feedback.
  3. Career planning on the basis of tests’ report.
  4. Counseling  for successful career. 

Phase – 3 : Career & Behavioral Training (Optional)

1        Educational & Study Skills.

2        Confidence & Self-motivation development.

3        Time management.

4        Goal Setting

5        Behavioral Modification.

6        Attitude Modification. 

Phase – 4 : Presentation on Career Options (Optional)

    1. Various career options after 10th , 12th and graduation.
    2. Different entrance exams.
    3. Competitive exams.
    4. Educational Institute, Universities.
    5. Self-employment schemes. 


B) Parenting – Parents’ Counseling & Training Program

Counseling and training is provided on the following parenting issues.

  • Know uniqueness of your child.
  • Socialization of your child.
  • Enhancement of Self-esteem, Self-concept, Self confidence & Self motivation.
  • Behavioral Problems.
  • Enhancement of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Enhancement of Cognitive Abilities.
  • Moral development of your child.
  • Family bounding of your child.
  • Study habits & related problems of your child.
  • Overall personality development of your child.
  • Parent’s role in the academic achievement of children.
  • Parent-Children relationship.


C) Marital & Pre-marital Counseling and Training Program

Counseling & Training is given on the following marital issues.

  • Systematic life-partner selection.
  • Matching with spouse.
  • Self & Spouse awareness.
  • Interpersonal relations, love and attraction.
  • In-lows adjustment.
  • Matching with in-lows family.
  • Emotional issues.
  • Creating happiness and well-being in family.
  • Perceptual modification.
  • Work-life balance. 


D) Employees Counseling & Training Program

Employees / Workers Counseling Program / HR Counseling / Industrial Counseling & Training

Personal Counseling as well as group training can be done on following human resource problems.

  • Behavioral Problems of employees / workers
  • Absenteeism
  • Unpunctuality
  • Indiscipline
  • Low work motivation
  • Job adjustment
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Poor work performance
  • Negative approach
  • Poor work involvement
  • Low morale
  • Resistance to change
  • Disobedience
  • Lack of confidence
  • Work ethics
  • Job maturity

Besides counseling, we offer psychometric testing for employee selection & personality assessment. Like, E.Q. Test, Big5 Personality Test, 16 PF test, Anxiety test, Stress test, Hand writing analysis etc.


E) Soft Skills / Behavioral Training / HR Training

Topics :

·        Presentation skills & Effective public speaking.

Communication skills & Transactional analysis.

Emotional intelligence. / Emotional Management

Mind Management.

Stress management & Mental health.

SWOT analysis & self development skills.

Attitude for successful professional, social and personal life.

Team Building / Team work.

Creativity Development

Motivation for Higher Achievement.

Job Behavior , Work Motivation, Work Efficiency

Interpersonal relations / Human relations.

Work-Life Balance

Leadership Development

Time Management

Parenting & family skills

Marital & Family Relationship

Study Skills Development

Memory Development

Goal Setting

Writing Skills

Social & Family Etiquette

Teaching Skills


Customer Handling

Refresh Your Attitudes to success in your Profession

Behavioral Modification

An Appeal ..... Select any one or more topics and arrange soft skills / behavioral training program for your group of employees, group of your friends, group of students or for your clubs etc. & give them an opportunity to enhance their skills comprehensively.


F) Study Clinic

Guidance & Training facility can be sought on following academic issues in our Study Clinic.

  • To find out causes of low academic achievement.
  • Effective Study and Educational skills.
  • Memory development.
  • Concentration techniques.
  • Time management for effective study.
  • Self-confidence & self motivation for academic achievement.
  • Parent’s role in the academic achievement of children.
  • Behavioral & Emotional Issues affecting in academic achievement.
  • Role of attitudes towards teachers and school in academic achievement.
  • Emotional management after academic failure and preparation for success.
  • Study related other problems. 

Director’s Profile :

Dr. Yogesh  Devidas Wankhede

Consulting Psychologist

Psychological Counsellor & Behavioural Trainer

(with 25+ years teaching, training & counseling experience.)

Objective : Inspire people to transform behavior styles in order : to enhance quality performance in every area of human life; to maintain harmonious relationship for psycho-social health; to deal effectively with increasing stress factors in ever changing competitive work environment, as well as personal, social & professional life.

 Expertise :

·       Personality Assessment.

·       Cognitive abilities assessment and training.

·       Psychological Counseling.

·       Career Counseling & guidance.

·       Behavioral Analysis and training.

·       Parenting skills.

·       Soft Skills / Behavioral Training.


Qualifications :

·       Ph.D. in Psychology on the topic of educational concern.

·       SET Qualified in Psychology

·       M. Phil. (Psychology with counseling & human wellbeing)

·       M.A. (Industrial Psychology)

·       B.Ed.

·       A.D.C.A. (Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications)


Subjects Taught at different academic level :

       Industrial Psychology, Applied Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Statistics for Psychology, Psychological Experiments and Assessment, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, General Psychology, Psychology for Nursing.

Research Work :

1)   Comparative study of C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E. & State Board with special reference to emotional intelligence, differential abilities and achievement motivation. (Research Project completed for Ph.D. degree to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University.)

2)  Comparative Study of Birth Order & Gender with special reference to numerical ability, achievement motivation & academic achievement. (Research Project completed for M.Phil. degree)

3)      Research paper published in interdisciplinary multilingual research journal : Vidyawarta (ISSN : 2319 9318) Oct. 2016. Title of the paper : Study of space relation ability with reference to gender differences.

4)    Research paper presented in international conference of ‘Indian Academy of Health Psychology’ at MVP’s C.M.C.S. College, Nashik on 22-25 Nov., 2018. Title of the paper : Relationship between emotional intelligence and mental health.

 Publication :            

1) ‘Aadarsha Abhyastantra’ (Psychological Study Skills) – July, 1999 / 2000

2) Psychology : Multiple Choice Questions for NET/ SET – December 2012

Counseling  Activities :

1) TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai – ‘Saksham’ : Completed assignment as a Counselling Supervisor for HIV-AIDS counsellors at ICTC centers of Rural Hospitals - Nandgaon, Dindori, Girnare, Abhona, Satana, Chandwad in Nashik District. (From July, 2011 to March 2015)

2) Mind Search : ‘Psychological Counseling & Training Centre’ - I.Q. Testing,  Aptitude Testing, Personality Assessment, Memory Testing,  Educational Counseling & Career Guidance, Study Skills Training,  Counseling on Behavioral Problems & Personal Adjustment, Parenting,  Soft Skills Training.

    Applications of subject to Corporate Sector / HR Training :

·   Conducted seminar on ‘Opportunities of career after 10th and 12th classes’ at Legrand, Sinnar, Nashik on 20th June, 2017

·     Training faculty for Induction Program in Hindusthan Unilever Ltd., Sinnar MIDC, Dist. Nashik.

·   ‘Effective Teaching Skills Training Program’ for Teachers of ‘Maharashtra Police Academy’, Trimbak Road, Nashik (4th & 5th Sept., 2008)

·   Various Training Program in Hindusthan Uniliver Ltd., Sinnar MIDC, Dist. Nashik on ‘Work Motivation; Work Attitude, Job Discipline, Presentation & Training Skills, Work-life balance’ for workers & executives, since Jan. 2010

·    Training Program in Bellota Agrisolutions & Tools Pvt. Ltd., Musalgaon, Sinnar, Dist. Nashik on shop-floor management, on 18th August, 2012

·     Trainer in ‘Soft Skills Training Program’ for Bank Employees arranged by Yes Academy, Nashik.

·     Training Program  in Hindusthan Unilever Ltd., Sinnar MIDC, Dist. Nashik on 30th Jan. 2010 on ‘Career options after 10th & 12th’, for school going children of workers from same organization.

·     ‘Career Guidance and Aptitude Assessment’ in Eaton Pvt. Ltd. Ambad, Nashik

·    Career Guidance seminar for employees’ children in EPC Ltd. (Mahindra Group), Ambad, Nashik.

Applications of Subject in Schools & society :

·     Conducted group counseling session on parenting – ‘Parents’ role in academic, emotional and social development of the students’ on 4th August, 2018 at Sarswati Vidyamandir, Lasalgaon.

·         Conducted workshop on Aptitude test & Career counseling program for students of 10th & 12th classes in November 2017 at ‘Kakasaheb Deodhar English Medium School & Junior College, Mhasrul, Nashik.

·         Conducted workshop on Aptitude test & Career counseling program for students from 9th to 12th classes in July 2017 at ‘Barnes School of Bombay Education Society’, Bhagur, Nashik.

·         Trainer in ‘Study Skills Training Workshop’ for 10th Class Students. Arranged in Various Schools in Nashik District by different organizations : Giants Group of Indira Nagar; JCI Ambad; Yes Academy; Mind Search.

·         Trainer in Educational & Career Guidance Programs arranged by ‘Galaxy Career Academy’ Pachora, Dist. Jalgaon.

·         Educational & Career Counseling by ‘Mind Search’ (Psychological Guidance & Training Centre)

Contact details : Mob. 91+ 9881168509  / 91+8830638488 /  91+ 9422263814

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